New Roofing Installation, Roofing Repair, and Home Repair Services

As the name suggests, we are a full service residential roofing company. What exactly does that mean? We fix and/or replace your roof. We specialize in asphalt, flat and metal roofing systems. The roofing industry has changed over the past few years and customers prefer to work with one contractor when dealing with hail storm damage. In order to better serve you, we also offer gutter, window screen, fence, deck and exterior repair which includes painting. Please note: not all exterior repairs are offered in all of our service areas.

Architectural /Dimensional

This product is the most popular of asphalt shingles. Many builders will use this material for new construction, thus it is a very popular material for wind repairs and roof replacements due to hail. Many homeowners who have the 3-tab shingle migrate to the architectural/dimensional shingle due to it greater durability and wind resistance. Some manufacturers provide a 130 mph wind rating for this product if prescribed installation methods are used.

Class 4 / Impact Resistant

In some cases, your insurance company may provide a discount if your new roof has a Class 4 rating. Class 4 is a designation provided by UL (Universal Laboratories) which ensures that a shingle has been tested for hail durability. This product is typically considered an upgrade over standard architectural shingles based on the manufacturing process and material cost. Class 4 shingles will contain a rubberized or SBS component that protects the mat of the shingle from being punctured by hail impact that is 2” in diameter or below. The shingle manufacturer will not warrant against hail damage, and though it is more durable, there is no guarantee that the shingle will perform any better than the architectural option. When considering this upgrade, it’s best to make an informed decision based on insurance discounts, performance and cost.


Premium shingles are thicker and heavier than a 3-tab, architectural or Class 4 shingle. Some premium shingles may look like a standard architectural shingle, but again, have more weight and density. Other premium options include asphalt shingles that resemble wood shake or slate. There are multiple designs and price points when looking at this category. We are always happy to discuss the features and options of these products during the estimating process.

Low Slope Roofs

Modified Bitumen: Modified Bitumen comes on rolls and requires a base sheet in addition to the cap sheet. El Paso County requires that modified bitumen roofs are class A fire rated. The class A system requires a deck component which makes this roof a 3-ply system. This roof is typically installed when the pitch (slope) of the roof is less than 2:12. This ratio indicates the rise over the run of your roof pitch.

EPDM: EPDM is a rubberized membrane that also comes on a large roll. This roof system has become more popular with residential applications since the hot tar roofs are losing popularity due to fire hazards. This roof is well suited for a roof pitch where water can pond for more than a day.

Gutters and Gutter Guards

With homes built in the mid 1990’s and before, the standard size gutter with new construction was 4”. The construction industry has learned a little about water flow over the past 10-20 years and the new standard is 5”. For some roof designs a 6” gutter may be required to properly manage run-off water from your roof. The two most common reasons to replace gutters is hail damage, or improperly functioning gutters. Here at Campbell Roofing, we offer both 5” and 6” gutters. In addition, we offer Leaf Sentry system which is a guard that covers your gutters, and helps protect against leaf and pine needles clogging downspouts and causing leaks.